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Meet Your Principal


Bladenboro Primary School’s Motto

At Bladenboro Primary School, our goal is for each child to accomplish academic growth and meet the grade level standards for promotion. We expect each child to make a year’s academic growth for a year of work.  

Bladenboro Primary School is staffed with highly talented and enthusiastic teachers and assistants who focus on student achievement. Our teachers are dedicated to teaching classes through interesting and challenging lessons that promote academic success. When students are not meeting grade level expectations, teachers and assistants put intervention strategies in place to help close the achievement gap.

By creating a nurturing environment, we enable students to develop the social and academic skills needed to become 21st century learners.

Bladenboro Primary School students did not meet the standards required for Adequate Yearly Progress in 2011-2012.

Bladenboro Primary School students in 2011-2012 did meet the standard for Expected Growth set by North Carolina’s ABC Initiative.


Deborah Guyton, Principal